It’s a New Year and Other Good News!

Cover of We Could be Heroes
We Could Be Heroes out in the wild!

Happy New Year, friends! I hope you are and yours are healthy and well during these difficult times. We are hanging in there at the Finnegan household. Hubby is back at work. Beloved first-born girl is stir crazy, but doing a lot of needlepoint and trying to learn Spanish. Beloved second-born girl just wrapped up a seasonal job at our favorite independent bookstore. So guess where I bought all my holiday presents? The dog is well. I am well too, although I keep having dreams about forgetting my mask.

I have good book news to report! WE COULD BE HEROES comes out in paperback on February 23, 2021, which happens to be my birthday! So you know I’ll be having an extra-big slice of cake that day! No pressure, but I’m just saying that this sweet, funny book about a friendship born of empathy and dog-love would be a great Valentine’s Day present. You can buy it here.

I also have other exciting book news. I have a new book coming out from Simon Kids! It’s called SUSIE B. WON’T BACK DOWN. It’s about Susie B., a fifth grader obsessed with Susan B. Anthony who decides to run for Student Council President. Along the way, she learns some tough lessons about running for office, hero worship, and friendship. If you liked the humor in WE COULD BE HEROES, you’ll love SUSIE B. She is a pistol! Wanna learn more? Stay tuned for the Cover Reveal, coming January 25 from the fabulous blog Good Reads with Ronna!

Stay strong, friends! I appreciate you!