Sunny Parker is Here to Stay is now available in bookstores everywhere.

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Here is what people are saying about the book:

“The book uses its diverse cast to sensitively address poverty, community, racism, and autism. Sunny is a spunky young girl who finds the courage to stand up for what she believes in.” BOOKLIST

“Sunny’s hopeful perspective and commitment to community care enhance the swiftly paced narrative. Ultimately, Sunny’s journey is a celebration of the power of empathy, intergenerational friendships, and collective action—potentially inspiring readers to create positive change.” HORN BOOK

“If you’ve read any of this author’s other works like We Could Be Heroes, New Kids and Underdogs or Suzie B Won’t Back Down, I’m sure you’ll also enjoy this book.  Read it for the sense of community and standing up for what you believe in.  Or just for the message that a town belongs to all of us and even kids should have a say.  The author’s note which ties it to her own experiences living in affordable housing gives this a personal and relatable authenticity.” LOG CABIN LIBRARY

“Sunny’s world is nicely diverse, and has a wide variety of characters with whom to interact. I also enjoyed that it was safe enough for her to wander around and have adventures. The neighbors at Del Mar Gardens are all supportive, even Mrs. Scanlon at the end, and Sunny manages to convince at least one of the rich people to support Del Mar Gardens. A note at the end discusses the author’s own upbringing in a similar community that lends a nice [touch] of authenticity to the book.” MS YINGLING READS

“The perfect summer read.” MAMA LIKES THIS

A perfect starting point for reflection and discussion about different income levels.” ALWAYS IN THE MIDDLE

“Written from Sunny’s point of view, Finnegan captures both her innocence and passion. . . .  Sensitive topics of race, socio-economic status, and domestic violence are handled delicately but may require discussion depending on the schema of the reader.” BEAGLES AND BOOKS

Sunny Parker is a quirky character that immediately grabs your attention. . . Sunny’s voice is clear and strong from the start. . . . An entertaining read about acceptance and friendship.” CRACKING THE COVER

“Sunny Parker’s story is a tender tale likely to resonate with young readers on the cusp of change or confusing times in their own lives. I highly recommend it for readers aged 9 to 12.” MOTHER DAUGHTER BOOK CLUB