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Sunny Parker is Here to Stay

Sunny Parker loves the Del Mar Garden Apartments, the affordable housing complex where she lives. And she especially loves her neighbors. From her best friend, Haley Michaels, to Mrs. Garcia and her two kids—developmentally disabled son AJ and bitter but big-hearted daughter Izzy—every resident has a story and a special place in Sunny’s heart.

Sunny never thought living at the Del Mar Garden Apartments made her different—until the city proposes turning an old, abandoned school into a new affordable housing complex and the backlash of her affluent neighborhood teaches Sunny the hard way that not everyone appreciates the community she calls home. Her dad, the Del Mar’s manager-slash-handyman, wants Sunny to lay low. But as hurtful rhetoric spreads and the city’s public hearing approaches, Sunny realizes that sometimes there’s too much at stake to stay silent.

With her friends behind her, Sunny Parker is determined to change the narrative—because she and her community are here to stay!

New Kids & Underdogs

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Robyn Kellen has been the new kid six times. She’s practically an expert on the subject and has developed foolproof rules to help her get by: Blend in, don’t go looking for trouble, and move on. Unfortunately, Robyn’s mom has a rule, too: Robyn must do an after-school activity.

When Robyn discovers a dog agility class, she thinks she’s found the perfect thing—but then her dogs, Sundae and Fudge, are rejected from the class. Sundae won’t do anything without Fudge, and Fudge is deaf and blind, and the instructor refuses to change the rules to fit their needs. Luckily, the instructor’s grandson, Nestor—a legend at Robyn’s new school—offers Robyn a deal: If she helps him with math, he’ll train Sundae and Fudge. Problem is, Robyn isn’t so great at math herself, so she’s forced to recruit the class outcast, Alejandra, to help.

Suddenly, Robyn finds herself surrounded by people who do anything but blend in—and sticking to her rules becomes harder than ever. But as Robyn learns how to adapt the rules of agility for Sundae and Fudge, she will find that some rules are worth breaking altogether.

“A thoughtful story about learning to look beneath the surface and be a better friend”–Kirkus Reviews 

Junior Library Guild Selection

We Could Be Heroes

True. Hank Hudson almost burned down the whole school—but it wasn’t his fault. He was only trying to destroy the sad book his teacher wouldn’t stop reading, and that was only because the story kept sucking him into the scary autism place that shatters his body, making everything spikey, heavy and overwhelming.

But newcomer Maisie Huang doesn’t know that. For her, Hank’s infamous deed is proof that Hank is just the kid to help her steal her neighbor’s dog, Booler, who remains chained day and night to a tree. Working together Hank and Maisie create a friendship that stretches them both, a friendship born of difference, imagination, and a commitment to being the heroes of not only Booler’s story, but their own.

In this character-focused novel, Finnegan successfully explores bullying, physical and mental differences, empathy, trust, inter- generational friendships, and compassion for animals. A sweet story with excellent read-aloud potential“–Booklist

“A coming-of-age story of friendships young, old, and canine.” —Kirkus Reviews

“[A] good-natured tale of two unlikely friends determined to save a life.” —Publishers Weekly

Junior Library Guild Selection

Bank Street Best Children’s Book of the Year Selection Title

Susie B. Won’t Back Down

Bold girl stands near a poster reading "Susie B. Won't Back Down."

Roll with It meets Absolutely Normal Chaos in this funny, big-hearted novel about a young girl’s campaign for student council president, told through letters to her hero Susan B. Anthony.

Susie B. has a lot to say. Like how it’s not fair that she has to be called Susie B. instead of plain Susie. Or about how polar bears are endangered. Or how the Usual Geniuses are always getting picked for cool stuff over the kids like her with butterflies in their brain. And it’s because Susie B. has a lot to say about these very important things that she’s running for student council president!

If she’s president, she can advocate for the underdogs just like her hero and fellow Susie B., Susan B. Anthony. (And, okay, maybe the chance to give big speeches to the whole school with a microphone is another perk.) But when the most usual of Usual Geniuses also enters the student council race, Susie realizes this may be a harder won fight than she thought. Even worse, Susie discovers that Susan B. Anthony wasn’t as great as history makes it seem, and she did some pretty terrible things to try to help her own cause. Soon, Susie has her own tough decisions to make. But one thing is for sure—no matter what, Susie B. won’t back down.

Susie is energetic, breathless, enthusiastic, and genuinely, charmingly funny”–Kirkus Reviews

Strong characterization, relatable situations, and humor deliver a book that champions lessons in community mindfulness, critical thinking, and self-acceptance organically. Reluctant readers may find a soulmate in Susie B”–School Library Connection

This novel is perfect for discussions in small groups or a classroom setting and will join the ranks of other great realistic fiction books like Alesha Dixon’s Lightning Girl, and Holly Goldberg Sloan’s Counting by 7s. A must-have for any middle grade collection.” Starred Review School Library Journal

Junior Library Guild Selection

Children’s Book Council Notable Social Studies Trade Book For Young People

And also…

Teen Girls’ Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny
This cutting-edge collection is specifically for teen girls who need the extra bang to land the perfect comedic role. Teen Girls’ Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny features monologues by writers and comics who have written and/or performed for Comedy Central, Backstage magazine, NBC, Huffington Post, The Onion, Second City, E!, and many more.

Margaret Finnegan’s monologue, “Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi,” proves it’s not easy growing up a princess…and a rebel.  Buy the book.