Inventing Booler

My middle grade novel Booler was inspired by my daughter, Elizabeth, who has multiple disabilities. Elizabeth loves books, but she has the biggest heart in the world, and sad books knock her out for days. When she was in upper elementary school and middle school, her classes would always read books about the Holocaust. Books about the Holocaust are so valuable and important–now more than ever. But my sensitive girl would just break down every time she encountered one. The result was that at a certain point, she wouldn’t read any new books. She was too scared that something sad would happen to one of the characters.

I decided to write a book that she would want to read but that also would honor her experiences as a sensitive reader and a person with disabilities. The result is Booler, a story about a boy with autism, a girl with a secret, and the neglected dog with epilepsy that they try to save. It is super funny (because Elizabeth loves funny). It is heartfelt (because Elizabeth loves heartfelt). And no one dies (because how mean would that be to do to Elizabeth). Booler is my gift to my girl and to you. I hope you will like it.

Look for it Spring 2020 from Atheneum.