So here we are!

Well, my friends, just a few weeks into the launch of my book and the world seems to have come undone. How are you doing?

I personally run a little anxious, and I am dealing with this crisis the way I usually do: Avoidance! I am very good at avoiding unpleasantries, and I am pretty sure it is one reason I continue writing–so that I can slip into a fictional world that is sometimes more comfortable than my own.

In this case, avoidance means that I am not watching any news and I am rarely going on social media. I still get an actual newspaper. I know what is afoot, but I am not letting myself get crushed under the weight of it. Or at least not today.

Today I am grasping tightly to the things that bring me joy. I recommend that you do the same. My dog Walt brings me a lot of joy. I especially like to play ball with him and take him for walks.

Walt in his winter coat.

He is a very nervous dog who is suspicious of just about everyone but my immediate family. Still, he looks very good in his winter coat, which he has been wearing lately because it is surprisingly cold here for mid March.

What about you, friend, what are you doing to keep your spirits up? You must do something! And you must make a conscious choice to do something that inspires joy every day. Every single day.