Publisher’s Weekly Review of We Could Be Heroes!

I am very grateful for all the winning reviews that We Could Be Heroes has been receiving, including this one from Publisher’s Weekly:

But, you know, it is very hard for me to share them. To be honest, I have always been a little afraid of sharing good tidings. I’m worried that I will come off as arrogant. I remember in primary school when I won a Fire Prevention Week Coloring Contest. That’s right! A coloring contest! I got a little, tiny plaque. It was the first time I had ever won anything, and I was so excited that I carried the plaque around in the basket of bicycle.

One day, I ran into a friend. She saw the plaque in my basket and said something like, “Oh, you think you are so great because you won that contest!” Then she stormed away.

Right away I went home and put that plaque in my bedroom. I honestly don’t remember what happened to it, but I learned my lesson! Hide your light under a bushel. Don’t make a big deal of things. Be small.

Now, my grown up brain knows that when you have a freaking book coming out you should shout all the good news to the rooftops! But, coloring-contest-winning Margaret feels very insecure about all of this! And she is clinging on tight!

Don’t get mad! I don’t think I’m great! I do think I wrote a good book. Don’t hold it against me!