Checking in after the cover reveal?

My real hero, my daughter Elizabeth

Hey there: Dropping by after seeing the cover of We Could Be Heroes over at http://www.goodreadswithronna? Thank you! I so appreciate your taking the time to get to know me better. I would love to stay in touch so please sign up for my mailing list before you leave. I promise that I will only send you information about my writing and that I will not share your information with anyone.

Let me tell you a little more about the book. It was inspired by my sweet daughter Elizabeth, who has both autism and epilepsy and is a real advocate for people with disabilities. I wanted to write a book where she could see herself and and her experiences represented. And so I wrote a book about a boy with autism, a girl with a secret, and the dog with seizures that they try to save. My daughter–who stands up for everyone–is a real hero, and Hank, Maisie and Booler learn what it takes to be heroes too.