Book Review: Superstar by Mandy Davis

Loved this book! It is about Lester Musselbaum, who joins the fifth grade class of a midwestern elementary school after having been homeschooled in Florida. In a lot of books with characters on the spectrum (mine included), characters come pre-equipped with their diagnosis, but Lester doesn’t have his yet, and part of his challenge in his new school is finding his way when there are no accommodations set up to support him. Getting his diagnosis is part of the story, and it is dealt with so lovingly, with the school principal explaining the accommodations as tools and supports that will help Lester thrive–and thrive he does, in his classes and, ultimately, with friends, which is important because ultimately this is a story about friendship and acceptance. It would have been so easy to make some of the side characters stock figures (I’m thinking particularly about the school bully), but Davis resists the simple, creating deep, three-dimensional characters that you will cheer for and care about. What a treat to read this book. I highly recommend it.