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Fresh short fiction that ’ll keep you coming back

With a wicked eye for funny, Margaret’s characters come alive in stories that often search for the magic in everyday life. Click the title to see the story.

Ten Things I Hate About Valentine's Day
How do you disappoint me? Let me count the ways? Available on Smashwords.

When fourteen-year-old Willie creates a carbon-based life form he becomes a god, which—as he discovers—is much less fun than it sounds. (C4, The Chamber Four Lit Mag)

Hard Being You (324K PDF)
Some weddings can bring out the devil in you. (Word River Literary Review)

Sweet Revenge
Some cakes are to die for.  Chosen the flash fiction website’s story of the year in 2009. (Rose City Sisters)

Death Dealer (or Bob Strikes Back)
Sequel to the award-winning story “Sweet Revenge.” (Rose City Sisters)

Sometimes it’s not so great to see in someone else’s mind. (Rose City Sisters)

Dear Santa
Writing to Santa was never so hard. (Rose City Sisters)

Central Park 
When bagels become weapons, you know you’re having a bad day. (Rose City Sisters)

Ten Things I Hate About Thanksgiving 
A holiday tale in ten tiny parts. (Rose City Sisters)