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Short works on pop culture, consumerism and family dynamics

Whether it's persuasive essays, personal narrative, or reviews, Margaret always delivers smart writing for clever readers. Read these articles by clicking the title:

Don't Panic: Meditation Can Help describes how Margaret turned to meditation after her daughter was diagnosed with a serious medical condition. (L.A. Times)

Red or blue, United we’re mean When it comes to bullying, there is no red or blue. (Pasadena Star News)

Star Wars’ uneasy look at good, evil…us looks at how “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” highlights social tensions over American power and its uses. (Pasadena Star News)

Students: Forget what you learned about writing for the SAT discusses how the writing strategies students learn while preparing for the SAT leave them ill prepared for actual college writing. (Pasadena Star News)

A Case of Hit and Myth: The Thanksgiving Tale is Fact Gilded with a Ton of Useful Fantasy offers a new perspective on "truth." (L.A. Times)

A Hero’s Retreat recalls childhood abuse and a mother's courage. (Salon)

Sold! The Illusion of Independence explores the disparity between pop culture images and true progress toward gender equality. (L.A. Times)

Once Upon a Time shares an experiment in storytelling. (FamilyFun)

Many Meanings Unfolded in ‘That Flower’ examines how the buzz generated by an enormous, putrescent bloom at a public garden reflects what scholars call “carnivalesque tradition.” (Pasadena Star News)

Email to request copies of these longer pieces:

Going Forward by Looking Back: A Brief History of the Dynamic San Gabriel Valley is a speech for the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments

The Power of Cultural History reviews an important collection of essays from some of America’s most prestigious cultural historians. (American Quarterly #46)

From Spurs to Silk Stockings: Women in Prime-Time Television, 1950-1965 won the annual Outstanding Article Award. (UCLA Historical Journal #11)